When it comes to looking after the legal requirements for you and your business, McKays provides whole of business, commercial, accurate, timely and relevant advice to assist you achieve the best results possible.

The range of legal services we provide to businesses is extensive and our areas of expertise complement each other, to meet the legal needs of small, medium and large businesses.

To find out how we can assist you and your business, please refer to the list of legal services we provide below...

Agricultural & Rural

Many pitfalls and complications can arise in dealing with farms or rural properties. Our lawyers have the expertise and industry knowledge to guide you through the many day to day and strategic issues which you will have to navigate as a farmer, business owner or landowner in the agricultural or rural sector.

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Asset Protection

Our experienced team will ensure that you have the best personal asset and business structure in place to minimise the financial risks to you and your family, both now and in the future.

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Commercial & Business

Providing specialist advice for small, medium and large business in relation to all commercial and corporate areas including business conveyancing, intellectual property, franchising, asset protection, structuring, joint ventures, partnerships, risk management, mergers and acquisitions and compliance.

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Credit Management / Debt Collection

We assist businesses by providing them with practical and clear advice to help them recover debts from clients, suppliers or other third parties. We can also provide you with preventative debtor measures by advising you on appropriate terms of trade.

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Energy, Resources & Mining

We have extensive experience advising local and national companies, contractors, landowners and employees across all mining and resource industries including water, gas, oil, iron ore, gold and black coal mining.

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Property & Development

We are experienced in all transactions including the sale and purchase of commercial or industrial property, leasing, licencing, subdivisions and property development. Our passion for the property industry is clear.

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  • Agricultural & Rural
  • Asset Protection
  • Commercial & Business
  • Credit Management / Debt Collection
  • Energy, Resources & Mining
  • Property & Development
  • Criminal Law & Traffic Law
  • Deceased Estates
  • Family Law
  • Residential Property
  • Wills & Estate Planning